RTHK is a public broadcaster in Hong Kong who was meant to give neutral coverage to the news. On 1st March 2021, Patrick Li was appointed to the post of the Directory of Broadcasting and later ten television episodes were been censored and large portions of its YouTube channel has been taken down. Below is a directory of what was rescued before the content was taken down.
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香港電台(RTHK) 係香港一間原本應該係立場中立嘅公營廣播機構。喺2021年3月1日,李百全被委任為廣播處長,其後 RTHK超過100萬訂閱嘅YouTube channel一度被下架,並有數十條電視存檔被刪除。以下喺被一部分喺被刪除前趕得切存檔嘅內容:
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My archives | 我嘅存檔

Please not that these archives may be incomplete as most were taken when RTHK was taking down content.

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