Apple Daily was a newspaper that ran in Hong Kong from 1995 to 2021 and it was one of the best-selling Chinese language newspapers in Hong Kong. Apple Daily was known for being one of the only pro-democracy newspapers in the city and in June 2021, the newspaper was shutdown after the Hong Kong goverment froze its assets leaving it unable to pay wages and bills. It printed its final print edition on 24th June 2021 and its digital edition was taken down on the 23rd June 2021 at 23:59 Hong Kong Time. Below is a directory of what was rescued before the shut down.
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蘋果日報係一間香港嘅獨立媒體,由1995年開始營運到2021年,係香港其中一間最高銷量嘅報章媒體。蘋果日報最為人 熟悉係喺2021年,因為支持本地民主運動而被香港政府以國安法為由凍結其資產,令佢哋無辦法支付員工同記者嘅人工 而被迫停止營運。蘋果日報喺2021年6月24號出版最後嘅一份報紙,而佢哋嘅電子平台亦喺2021年6月23日香港時間晚 上11點59分被下架。以下係其中一部分喺被刪除前及時被存檔嘅內容:
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Partial save of Apple Daily’s HK operation’s websites are available from the Wayback Machine (October 2017 - June 2021 in the case of the Chinese edition of it and June 2021 for the English edition).
有一部分蘋果日報嘅內容喺Wayback Machine (中文:2017年10月 - 2021年6月;英文:2021年6月)可以搵到

u/aXcess2’s archives | u/aXcess2 嘅存檔

My archive | 我嘅存檔

Archive Team’s archives |拯救小隊嘅存檔

They seem to have downloaded a large portion of the videos on the article pages

Other backups | 其他Archive.org嘅存檔

An user who goes by saveappledaily has uploaded Apple Daily’s Featured Stories and some other clips as well as some of the final 9點半蘋果新聞報道 live streams:
其中一個支持saveappledaily 嘅 用戶將蘋果日報嘅特刊、相關片段同一啲《9點半蘋果新聞報道》嘅直播豆上 載咗喺上面條link度。

Article backups | 文章備份

Thanks, u/HK-612-721-811 for the tip! Below is a text only archive of most if not all the articles on the site from 2016-01-01 to 2021-06-16:

Thanks, u/Mr_RXN for the tip! Below is an incomplete text + picture archive of the articles published from 2002-01-01 to 2021-06-22:

Others | 其他

u/lGJjJCxhzxLV has uploaded a data dump of the final chapter of Apple Daily, it can be found here:
Backup: click here
Checksum (SHA 256): 15BC05972C3B629D2C20A35B45A95FAE4020EAB58FA1A7E11E3653CBC8DFFD53

LIHKG | 連登

A thread on LIHKG lists some channels that have some of the backups of Apple Daily, these links are:

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